Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Whatcha gonna do...

...when they come for you?"

Who wants to come home to this?

A couple weekends ago, I was driving home to my apartment after another night of housesitting. This cop was on my tail for at least five blocks and I was in panic mode. The mode intensified when I parked in front of my building and the cop car pulled in directly in front of me.

I hopped out of the truck and walked toward the door as another police car whipped in and parked right behind the first one (as depicted in the photo above).

First thought? They found out about that car I stole.

I gingerly approached Officer # 2 and said, "Is everything ok?" "Yes." "Can I go in?" "Yes. Unless you are apart of the party we're about to break up."

I about said what about these pajama bottoms makes you think that I may have just left a party? And. It's seven in the morning...the only thing I just left was the drive through at McDonalds.

Turns out some beer pong tournaments don't wrap up until 7 a.m. Some neighbors really are that obnoxious.


Teri said...

however. a few sparklers and some pop-its are enough to break up after 3 min of fun.

Jamiedidit said...

Uggghhhh. We were those neighbors back in the day. No beer pong, though. It was all about playing a-hole and Circle of Death.

In fact, I was once Women's Circle of Death Champion...vodka division. ;)

Jamiedidit said...

I don't remember all the rules to a-hole. For Circle of Death you had to put all the cards in a deck in a circle (a-ha) around a full can of beer or whatever. As you went around the circle, each person chose a card and each card had a meaning. I think one was you drink, two was I drink, and the higher ones had games of their own. Queen = question game. 7 = buzz game. J = categories.

Your friend is totally right. Drinking games + Jamie = TWELVE YEAR SENIOR. And a later date with AA.