Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little verklempt...

That's right...I'm a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

I would run my own humane society if I could. Ever since I was 6, I can remember my mom and my grandma Donna doing extraordinary things to help animals out. It's in my blood.

Grandma Donna bought day old bread and pastries to ensure that the raccoons in Garden Valley did not go hungry.

Mom's the lady that pulled over on the freeway in Montana (when there was no speed limit enforcement) to try to persuade a stray dog out of traffic...while she was standing in traffic.

We're talking extraordinary efforts. The list goes on.

At any rate, I come by this compassion towards animals honestly. I've saved/captured and forced into my vehicle many a dog in my day.

You reach a point, however, where you feel like there is hardly anything you can do for the animals that aren't being rescued aside from collecting them. I am not willing to become one of those unwashed cave women that do nothing but trap cats and kennel hundreds of dogs. But I feel so strongly about doing SOMETHING.

So I post MySpace bulletins. I highlight animals from the Humane Society website. The thing that has me teared up a little?

Two of them have been adopted.

This is Sassy.

This is Rigby.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How you doin'?

Yesterday in the drive thru window - I was Joey'ed.

By his much larger, African-American equivalent.