Friday, January 30, 2009

"To know one's self..."

"....[yada] [yada] [yada]." See quote at the bottom of my blog.

I think that surveys are like crack cocaine for the little narcissist. I like to fill them out because I like to come up with witty answers to the questions. It's an exercise in thinking fast (or making everyone think you think pretty fast).

Everyone on Facebook has been filling out the "25 Random Things" note and I totally wanted to hop on board. I LOVE stuff like that. I love details, mine and yours. The most minute of details interest me for absolutely no other reason than I can say that I know that about you...and were I ever subpoenaed to testify against you in a court of law, I would have something interesting to say.

Only kidding.

With that said, here is my list of 25 random details.
1. I cannot watch ASPCA commercials. Can't DO it.
2. I've been at my job for almost five years. (Sidenote: on the way out of the courthouse today, I was thinking...I could have graduated from college and finished one year of law school by now instead of just working FOR attorneys).
3. I am going to see Little Big Town on February 17th.
4. I used to own two pygmy goats. One named Chip and one named Dale.
5. My favorite line from Top Gun is, "The plaque for the alternates is in the ladies room."
6. I used to love watching American Idol. I do not love watching American Idol anymore - it's lost it's magic. (Sidenote: my all time FAVORITE American Idol contestant was Constantine Maroulis.)
7. I have ordered, completed, mailed back and received results from that "Art Test" commercial on television two times. Both times I was completely oblivious to the fact that they just wanted to sell you higher education.
8. If I am sick, the only thing I really like to eat is mashed potatoes.9. I'm from Idaho and I still am not sure how to spell potatoes. Even now - a little leery about writing this random fact. Dan Quale, you're in good company.
10. I memorize songs in the privacy of my truck and bust them out around my friends like it's no big deal.
11. I LOVE old people.
12. I volunteered to run Bingo on Saturday's at the retirement home.
13. I post random little blogs on
14. When I was learning how to spell my middle name (Elizabeth) I wanted to legally change it to Elisabeth.
15. I am FASCINATED by design on a dime shows.
16. If I could have lunch with one celebrity, it would be Matthew Perry circa 1997 or so.
17. I am not a morning person (but would REALLY like to be a morning person) and I'm not necessarily a night owl. I'm a noon/afternoon person.
18. I was home schooled for half a year in sixth grade.
19. I foolishly participated in the office football pool this last fall and lost $3 a week consistently for the entire season.
20. My mom and I dressed up to watch the Miss America pageants when I was little.
21. My favorite LOST character is Desmond Hume. (I have a hunch he is going to play a big part this season)
22. Australian schmaustralian.
23. I share Naki's affection for office supplies - mostly notebooks and pens.
24. The tap dancing thing, did you all know about the tap dancing thing? I tap danced.
25. I'd really like to give indoor rock climbing a shot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been helping out at a retirement facility for the last couple of weeks and I really have enjoyed getting to know most of the residents there. Some of them are so charming that you could just give them eskimo kisses all day long.

These little left overs are from an era where you introduced yourself like this: "Well hello, I'm Betty-Betty Jones. Pleased to meet you." These are the type of people that just OWN their name. They know who they are (most of the time) and they aren't ashamed of it.

I hope that when I get to be a senior citizen that I am one of the polite ones. I have met a few senior citizens over the course of the last few weeks that "have earned the right to be 'particular.'" Does that mean that when you hit a certain age, you outgrow your manners?

Yes. It does.

Manners are for school children and the poor schmucks still climbing the corporate ladder.

Anarchy is saved for retirement.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Sugar, can I get you a lint roller?"

I've come to the realization that black is no longer flattering when it is covered in cat hair. I might as well wear a name tag that says, "I'm trying pretty hard to look skinny and I'm obviously single."

She's trying to ruin me.

Just the other day I had my back to her as she was planted on MY pillow and when I turned I caught her flipping me the bird...

...I'm a pretty big advocate for springing pets from the joint (humane society) but I'm pretty sure the Diva ended up there because she was owned by people who were not nearly as patient as me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Optimism, meet Stupidity.

I'm going to find an outlet for my wild imagination. Remember what my optimism did to my Brigadoon audition? Well, it is spilling over into most every category of my life.

By no means do I think obsessing over the silver lining is the issue. When I begin to create my own gets to be a little much.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Domino Effect

Thought from yesterday: When you create something - you bring something into the world that would have never existed were it not for you.

Isn't this great motivation to do and to make? I don't care if it's painting a picture, making a scrapbook, writing a song, writing a BOOK - you make some sort of a dent in the world when you create. No matter how far reaching the effect - there is still impact!

On my bulletin board, I have a quote by Charles Gill that says, "There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them."

We could be SUCH catalysts if we tried.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tennis, Anyone? Written by Layne

What an amazing opportunity to be able to hop into a car with your friends and drive til you find something beautiful. The Stylist, The Wu, The Executioner, The Producer and I made it up to G.V. today. Beautiful it was - and cold. The last time I went with the Stylist and the Wu to the mountains, they were not covered in snow. Today - all five of us waded through the knee deep (and deeper) wonderland. Undoubtedly a good time regardless of that gross wet feet feeling. We laughed, we whined a little and we threw some really big rocks at huge chunks of ice floating in the river. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Afterward, I ventured to one of the sixty-seven local SB's and set out to catch up with the Bible reading project. Two hours later - I read sixteen chapters from various books of said Bible and eaves-dropped on a captivating conversation.

I am assuming the tall guy was some sort of tennis professional and I know for sure that the other guy (who applauded my choice of reading material ((twice)) was a psychologist. They were talking about an upcoming clinic that they are spearheading for young tennis enthusiasts. They were talking about the mental aspects of the game and some of the standout athletes they've encountered. The way they talked about the things they planned to express to these kids made me 1.) want to go to the clinic and 2.) want to say, "Hey! You guys should write a book."

Then I realized 1.) I don't really like tennis and 2.) maybe I should write a book about what they were talking about. It's called capitalism. I was there first and they shouldn't have been talking so loud.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Breath of fresh air.

Today has been a breath of fresh air so far.

I'm really proud of my pastor and the people in my church. I feel like we could really do the things that we are talking about doing this time around. There is something to be said for taking the circus out of church, religion, and simplifying what it means to be effective. Being effective is to take SINCERE interest in the people you speak to. Invest and be invested in by your friends, your family and the brand new faces. Whatever it looks like to live with your heart wide open, DO it.

I just love TODAY. Today is special.
Tomorrow will also be special. I'm heading to the HILLS OF G.V. baby!

Waitin' For My Dearie'


My roommate and I tried out for Boise Music Week's production of Brigadoon today. While the experience of preparing for the audition and the audition itself was a good time, I feel a little let down. I don't know if I'm an idealist (or hyper-idealist...) but I saw it going down like this...

"Hello, girls! Go ahead and sing a little something for us..."

Faaaaaa lalalala.

"No need to go any further, my that was fantastic and just what we were looking for...Would you mind doing a little dance number also?"

And I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance.

"SUCH talent, you said you haven't danced in how long? WOW! Well, you certainly look the part, YOUR HAIR is amazing and we haven't seen this kind of budding-albeit blossomed talent since Liza Minelli herself. We're going to go ahead and shut down auditions now - no need to look any further."

So when scenarios like this play themselves out in my mind beforehand, how do you not walk away a little disappointed with anything less than that?

At any rate, they are anouncing who made the cut on the 26th. May the suspense continue.