Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughts on Greeting Cards

If you make the decision to buy a blank greeting card - make sure of the following things:

1. You've got plenty to say.


2. You've got a big signature.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drinking Problem

McW and I both own cats that have drinking problems - unconventional drinking habits, that is.

Take Kitty McW... he had us rolling one lazy Sunday afternoon:

And then there is my feline...who always has a wet head (and now I know why). I'm considering renaming her 'Ross.'

Monday, December 6, 2010

Take that, Winter!

Snow decided to show up early this year. Not only was it early but it fell in North Dakota-like quantities. It's gorgeous.

However, the snowfall was like the nail in Summer 2010's coffin. Life has not stopped since it got cold, but it is certainly different. We're still busy but in different ways. Now the plan is to do the same to the winter season as we did to the summer - live the hell out of it.

The fun began this weekend. We drove home from church on Sunday and, on a lark, decided to grab our fishing gear and head out to one of the ponds we fished at this summer. It was frozen over and I was excited because I've always wanted to ice fish. McW knocked a couple of holes through the ice and we stood strong against the cold and watched our bobbers float on the icy water.

There was a quick strike at the worm right in the beginning, but no luck. Still, we felt triumphant about being there at all. "This is awesome," we said.

Then on the drive home we stopped along the river. We tromped through the snow and stood along the bank. I tossed my line in and reeled the spinner across the river and, to my amazement, I got a bite! I was too surprised to set the hook and actually catch the fish...but it was a beacon of light in a fishless winter season. I told McW the good news and he tossed his line in and within minutes...

...Take that, winter!