Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

Listen. I realize that everyone thinks their animals are cute - more cute than the average animal. Like, "Yea, your cat (or dog) is cute, but my cat (or dog) is unusually cute..." Who's the judge of the cuter animal, anyway? It's generally the unfortunate listener who throws in the towel (who doesn't want to hear any more pet stories) that hands out the verbal medal of achievement, "Oh, THAT is cute."

Seriously though, my cat is really cute. I've got pictures.

Still in the closet. That's bound to change when she meets Joan from across the hall.

I'm not sure she is going to make it through another summer with all that fur. The Stylist suggested we shave her like a lion. If she keeps sneaking into my closet and leaving little fur deposits, I may take her up on the offer.

However, she may find some reprieve in stealing a drink here and there from my mug.

See? Way cuter than your cat.

I also realize that most women are in denial about their 'crazy cat lady' status.

I know I just posted a blog about all the cute things my little feline does.

However. I only have one cat and I don't even own a pair of slippers.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Weekend, Sugar!

We've all made it to the weekend. By the time I am finished with this little recap, it will be 5:00 p.m.

I've been looking forward to tonight for quite some time. My co-workers (some of the fun-having ones) and I are heading out to the ol' ball game. I love our local baseball games. Also - I love fireworks. There will be fireworks after the game tonight. Could life be any sweeter?

McW and I have a bag of peanuts and high hopes for a hometown win. Swing, batter batter!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's all about who you know.


If you know the right people - you can get away with anything.

For instance, a local company has been working with a local cleaning company. I hear that the local cleaning company does a horrible job and charges quite a bit for that horrible job that they do. They've been doing a horrible job for years.

They get to keep doing a horrible job because the owner of the local cleaning company is friends with the one of the owners of the local company. And that is that.

I hear that the local company has complained multiple times to the local cleaning company and nothing has changed. Were this cleaning company owned by someone who wasn't friends with one of the owner's of the local company - they would have been replaced. They would have been replaced by a local cleaning company that cleans.

Were I providing a service for a friend and his/her company - I would be embarrassed if I did a poor job and would be even MORE embarrassed if someone had to complain more than once to get my attention.

As it stands - the local company will continue operating in their building that is riddled with cobwebs, dust, crumbs, sticky floors and smudgy windows. The local cleaning company will continue to be oblivious because, in the end, it's not about the quality of the service you provide - it's all about who you know.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seamstress Extraordinaire

This last Saturday I made a pot of coffee, two Eggos and two shoulder bags. I intended to make only one shoulder bag - but my pattern was a bit too large (GIANT) for it's original purpose (disc golf bag) so I made number two.  I was so proud of my idea and the execution of the idea (right down to the fact that I remembered how to use a sewing machine...) that I took play-by-play photos. I shared them with my good friend, the Stylist. Sidenote: her blog is located on 'My Favorite Stops' and it's called 'WineSperation' - give it a looksee. You'll not be disappointed. Now - I'll share them with you (hi Mom!).

The pattern pieces all laid out (including the brown nylon lining underneath - I cut up an old skirt for the lining).

Aforementioned brown lining. That skirt never looked better. It was at this point that I should have realized that the pattern I made was MUCH too large for a disc golf bag. I didn't. I persisted.

The bottom and the sides of the exterior.

My proudest achievement: the side pocket.

The completed (nearly) bag. In this photo it looks cute and dainty. In reality...

...it was too big to even be considered as an airline carry-on. Note the strap - the really, really long strap. I'm not so good with proportions.

I did sew an entirely different bag out of an old t-shirt and shelf lining. It will do for now. I will probably pick out some new material and give it another shot.

I will also put the feline in her cage before I start the next project. Her added ass-istance was unappreciated.

Friday, June 11, 2010

What's on YOUR Mind?

Facebook - LAY off! Sometimes I just want to sit with you in the quiet without you constantly wanting to know 'what's on my mind.'

However, on my mind are a few different things.

The first being the fact that I've camped out each weekend for the last two weekends and I feel as though if I don't sleep outside tonight, the Earth may fall out of orbit.

Ok. Maybe it won't.

But I'm crazy about the idea of leaving for a night or two and renting a tent space from Mother Nature (and the Parks Department). The more often, the better. Looking back at last summer I realized that I spent one night in a tent last summer. That's it. Why? I had nineteen jobs. I was a house sitter and a baby watcher. I used to joke about the fact that I couldn't wait for the day I needed a house sitter. If the feline wasn't as self-sufficient as she is, that day would be upon me. Yes. I have arrived. I'm busy - busy having fun.

The second thing spinning around in my mind is my disc golf game, namely my driving technique. Yeah. There are techniques. The one McWHYBAML and I tried last night was called the 'X Step.' Curiosity piqued?

We're learning. And in the process, we lost two discs in the water traps. The daring McDub hopped into one of those water traps and attempted to find the one I lost. Sigh.

Lastly - Daphne Willis. She sings songs. I heard her on the radio last Sunday and I had one of those instant "I like this" reactions. I checked out her website this morning and discovered her music video for a song called Everybody Else. It features Cookie Monster. I like this even more.

The weekend is nearly here. HAPPY Friday!

Monday, June 7, 2010


It was pretty difficult for me to get out of bed this morning. I had a pretty sweet weekend and the fact that it was already Monday seemed more abrupt than usual. 

When I finally tossed the covers off and headed towards the shower, I noticed that my little feline was perched atop the stack of pillows on the left side of the bed. She's normally up and at 'em when I am. She makes her way to sit on the toilet when I'm in the shower and then on to my vanity when I'm curling my hair. 

Not today.

As I was making my way out the door, she was still curled up on the pillows. My resentment for my little sleeper-inner was no match for my adoration - she's pretty cute.

The resentment will return with a vengeance when I get home tonight and discover exactly how much fur she has left behind on those pillowcases (that I washed on Saturday).

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mom and Dad - This One's For You

Earlier today, via Facebook, my mom posted a status update that said, "Hey Daughter, you need something new on your blog. Something about how wonderful your parents are. Thanks."

Ok, Mom.

A good Mom memory: When I had the flu in the second grade - you turned the guest bedroom into a Nintendo room and made up the twin bed with that pretty awesome quilt and you brought me lunch on a tray. You let me play Nintendo all day long that day. That was wonderful.

Alright, Dad.

A good Dad memory: When I was a junior in high school I was driving around a cool but not as dependable as it could have been Mazda Protege. The stereo had been stolen out of it and you told me you were going to get it fixed. You came home that night and told me to come out and look at the stereo. When I walked outside, there was a brand new (to me) Honda Accord. It was a huge surprise and that was wonderful.

My facebook status should now read, "Hey, Mother. Maybe you should tell all your facebook friends how wonderful I am. Thanks."

Big Ol Blog Failure

I've been taking in a lot of life lately and it seems like none of it has transferred over from experience to documentation. I'm sorry, blog. Have I told you lately how cute you look?

Now for some random slices of life that I'd like to share:

McW and I are big frisbee golf fans. I've made mention of that a time or two. At any rate, one of the things that I love about where we go to frolf are the people we end up meeting. For the most part, people are just out to have a good time and drink pretty heavily. We become fast friends with these people.

Along with our love of frisbee golf, we also love to check out the local sheriff's department website. Each day they upload the previous day's arrests complete with mugshots for all to see.

The connection? At least two, if not more, of our new frisbee golf friends have made an appearance on that website. You think you know somebody, right? So far, we've only had run-ins with light-weight criminals...but who knows. The next time we tee up, we may narrowly escape with our lives.

And in entertainment news, The Executioner, McW, Brother McW and his lady - One Bad Ass Chick (OBAC for short) went out on the town to sing some karaoke last night. This is always a great adventure for this specific group of people. Brother McW and McW both hammered out some Stevie Wonder and I tried my hand at an Aretha number. Each time we go out for the karaoke, it makes me wonder if we shouldn't start performing together...maybe a cover band?

That's about all. Again, sorry blog.