Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Ol Blog Failure

I've been taking in a lot of life lately and it seems like none of it has transferred over from experience to documentation. I'm sorry, blog. Have I told you lately how cute you look?

Now for some random slices of life that I'd like to share:

McW and I are big frisbee golf fans. I've made mention of that a time or two. At any rate, one of the things that I love about where we go to frolf are the people we end up meeting. For the most part, people are just out to have a good time and drink pretty heavily. We become fast friends with these people.

Along with our love of frisbee golf, we also love to check out the local sheriff's department website. Each day they upload the previous day's arrests complete with mugshots for all to see.

The connection? At least two, if not more, of our new frisbee golf friends have made an appearance on that website. You think you know somebody, right? So far, we've only had run-ins with light-weight criminals...but who knows. The next time we tee up, we may narrowly escape with our lives.

And in entertainment news, The Executioner, McW, Brother McW and his lady - One Bad Ass Chick (OBAC for short) went out on the town to sing some karaoke last night. This is always a great adventure for this specific group of people. Brother McW and McW both hammered out some Stevie Wonder and I tried my hand at an Aretha number. Each time we go out for the karaoke, it makes me wonder if we shouldn't start performing together...maybe a cover band?

That's about all. Again, sorry blog.

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