Friday, June 4, 2010

Mom and Dad - This One's For You

Earlier today, via Facebook, my mom posted a status update that said, "Hey Daughter, you need something new on your blog. Something about how wonderful your parents are. Thanks."

Ok, Mom.

A good Mom memory: When I had the flu in the second grade - you turned the guest bedroom into a Nintendo room and made up the twin bed with that pretty awesome quilt and you brought me lunch on a tray. You let me play Nintendo all day long that day. That was wonderful.

Alright, Dad.

A good Dad memory: When I was a junior in high school I was driving around a cool but not as dependable as it could have been Mazda Protege. The stereo had been stolen out of it and you told me you were going to get it fixed. You came home that night and told me to come out and look at the stereo. When I walked outside, there was a brand new (to me) Honda Accord. It was a huge surprise and that was wonderful.

My facebook status should now read, "Hey, Mother. Maybe you should tell all your facebook friends how wonderful I am. Thanks."

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