Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's all about who you know.


If you know the right people - you can get away with anything.

For instance, a local company has been working with a local cleaning company. I hear that the local cleaning company does a horrible job and charges quite a bit for that horrible job that they do. They've been doing a horrible job for years.

They get to keep doing a horrible job because the owner of the local cleaning company is friends with the one of the owners of the local company. And that is that.

I hear that the local company has complained multiple times to the local cleaning company and nothing has changed. Were this cleaning company owned by someone who wasn't friends with one of the owner's of the local company - they would have been replaced. They would have been replaced by a local cleaning company that cleans.

Were I providing a service for a friend and his/her company - I would be embarrassed if I did a poor job and would be even MORE embarrassed if someone had to complain more than once to get my attention.

As it stands - the local company will continue operating in their building that is riddled with cobwebs, dust, crumbs, sticky floors and smudgy windows. The local cleaning company will continue to be oblivious because, in the end, it's not about the quality of the service you provide - it's all about who you know.

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