Friday, June 11, 2010

What's on YOUR Mind?

Facebook - LAY off! Sometimes I just want to sit with you in the quiet without you constantly wanting to know 'what's on my mind.'

However, on my mind are a few different things.

The first being the fact that I've camped out each weekend for the last two weekends and I feel as though if I don't sleep outside tonight, the Earth may fall out of orbit.

Ok. Maybe it won't.

But I'm crazy about the idea of leaving for a night or two and renting a tent space from Mother Nature (and the Parks Department). The more often, the better. Looking back at last summer I realized that I spent one night in a tent last summer. That's it. Why? I had nineteen jobs. I was a house sitter and a baby watcher. I used to joke about the fact that I couldn't wait for the day I needed a house sitter. If the feline wasn't as self-sufficient as she is, that day would be upon me. Yes. I have arrived. I'm busy - busy having fun.

The second thing spinning around in my mind is my disc golf game, namely my driving technique. Yeah. There are techniques. The one McWHYBAML and I tried last night was called the 'X Step.' Curiosity piqued?

We're learning. And in the process, we lost two discs in the water traps. The daring McDub hopped into one of those water traps and attempted to find the one I lost. Sigh.

Lastly - Daphne Willis. She sings songs. I heard her on the radio last Sunday and I had one of those instant "I like this" reactions. I checked out her website this morning and discovered her music video for a song called Everybody Else. It features Cookie Monster. I like this even more.

The weekend is nearly here. HAPPY Friday!

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