Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seamstress Extraordinaire

This last Saturday I made a pot of coffee, two Eggos and two shoulder bags. I intended to make only one shoulder bag - but my pattern was a bit too large (GIANT) for it's original purpose (disc golf bag) so I made number two.  I was so proud of my idea and the execution of the idea (right down to the fact that I remembered how to use a sewing machine...) that I took play-by-play photos. I shared them with my good friend, the Stylist. Sidenote: her blog is located on 'My Favorite Stops' and it's called 'WineSperation' - give it a looksee. You'll not be disappointed. Now - I'll share them with you (hi Mom!).

The pattern pieces all laid out (including the brown nylon lining underneath - I cut up an old skirt for the lining).

Aforementioned brown lining. That skirt never looked better. It was at this point that I should have realized that the pattern I made was MUCH too large for a disc golf bag. I didn't. I persisted.

The bottom and the sides of the exterior.

My proudest achievement: the side pocket.

The completed (nearly) bag. In this photo it looks cute and dainty. In reality...

...it was too big to even be considered as an airline carry-on. Note the strap - the really, really long strap. I'm not so good with proportions.

I did sew an entirely different bag out of an old t-shirt and shelf lining. It will do for now. I will probably pick out some new material and give it another shot.

I will also put the feline in her cage before I start the next project. Her added ass-istance was unappreciated.

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T said...

I WANNA SEW!!! First I will need to:

1. Steal that sewing machine back from my Mom.
2. Get a chair for my desk.
3. Get a pattern?
4. Learn how to sew