Monday, January 19, 2009

Tennis, Anyone? Written by Layne

What an amazing opportunity to be able to hop into a car with your friends and drive til you find something beautiful. The Stylist, The Wu, The Executioner, The Producer and I made it up to G.V. today. Beautiful it was - and cold. The last time I went with the Stylist and the Wu to the mountains, they were not covered in snow. Today - all five of us waded through the knee deep (and deeper) wonderland. Undoubtedly a good time regardless of that gross wet feet feeling. We laughed, we whined a little and we threw some really big rocks at huge chunks of ice floating in the river. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Afterward, I ventured to one of the sixty-seven local SB's and set out to catch up with the Bible reading project. Two hours later - I read sixteen chapters from various books of said Bible and eaves-dropped on a captivating conversation.

I am assuming the tall guy was some sort of tennis professional and I know for sure that the other guy (who applauded my choice of reading material ((twice)) was a psychologist. They were talking about an upcoming clinic that they are spearheading for young tennis enthusiasts. They were talking about the mental aspects of the game and some of the standout athletes they've encountered. The way they talked about the things they planned to express to these kids made me 1.) want to go to the clinic and 2.) want to say, "Hey! You guys should write a book."

Then I realized 1.) I don't really like tennis and 2.) maybe I should write a book about what they were talking about. It's called capitalism. I was there first and they shouldn't have been talking so loud.

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