Sunday, January 18, 2009

Waitin' For My Dearie'


My roommate and I tried out for Boise Music Week's production of Brigadoon today. While the experience of preparing for the audition and the audition itself was a good time, I feel a little let down. I don't know if I'm an idealist (or hyper-idealist...) but I saw it going down like this...

"Hello, girls! Go ahead and sing a little something for us..."

Faaaaaa lalalala.

"No need to go any further, my that was fantastic and just what we were looking for...Would you mind doing a little dance number also?"

And I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance.

"SUCH talent, you said you haven't danced in how long? WOW! Well, you certainly look the part, YOUR HAIR is amazing and we haven't seen this kind of budding-albeit blossomed talent since Liza Minelli herself. We're going to go ahead and shut down auditions now - no need to look any further."

So when scenarios like this play themselves out in my mind beforehand, how do you not walk away a little disappointed with anything less than that?

At any rate, they are anouncing who made the cut on the 26th. May the suspense continue.

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