Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Happy Rant.


I'm not bragging.

There is no way that, in the midst of an economical down-turn, not only have I managed to hang on to my full-time job, but have also secured two other side jobs were it not for a small miracle. Just today, I was able to pay off three of my bills that have been outstanding for quite some time (not with credit cards - with money).

This is a big deal to me.

The background? I was at a point where I was not able to keep up with all my bills - certainly not able to make a dent in what I owed. I prayed. I prayed hard. I said, "Lord - I'll do what it takes, but please open a door for me."

A week later, I got a part-time job that eighty other people applied for. A week after that a project that had been stagnant for six months re-surfaced and now has me busy almost every weekend. It's a lot of work. But I am SO grateful. SO. Grateful.

See? Small miracle. Does the Lord have more important things to do than make ways for me to pay off my old mistakes? Yes. But they were weighing me down big time - and He cares about that.

This is a bit of a rant, a nice and happy one. I'm encouraged and I hope you are too.

If you aren't encouraged yet, may the following image lighten your load.


Anonymous said...

that is soo encouraging!!!

i am actually going in for an interview. i am so blessed to live in a college town where there are a lot of part time jobs!

love the name of the post:)

Jamiedidit said...

Way to go, chickie! I see your gazelle has gotten out of its tent. Dave would be proud, as am I. ;)