Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Scoop.

If you are a professional dog walker, the most essential element for successful dog walking aside from the leash and the dog itself is the poop bag.

I was strolling along with one of my favorite furry friends last Saturday. This one rarely makes use of a public restroom so when I realized that I had left the poop bag behind, I was alarmed but not panicked.

Until we rounded the corner on our last leg and the pup started to slow down and waddle a little. Disaster. The only redemption to said disaster would have been to briskly finish the walk and drive back with the poop bag before anyone noticed. That was plan A.

When she had finished her business, I looked around and moved forward - knowing what my intentions were. All of the sudden I hear the door handle twist from the front door and the door whip open. "YOOOOOOOUUU PICK THAT UP!" The old man at the door was apparently not taking any crap from anyone. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I forgot my bag! I'll be right back! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I cowered as I walked forward. "WHY DO YOU THINK I HAVE BROWN SPOTS ON MY LAWN? PEOPLE LIKE YOU."

Of course I said I was sorry again- but I wanted to whip out my experience from the lawn care industry. Like, "Sir I know you're upset but have you considered the possibility that your lawn might be suffering from billbug infestation?"

Engage plan B - briskly walking back to the truck and driving back to the scene of the crime under intense fear of the old guy and his browning lawn. Would he still be standing at the door with the fury steaming from his ears...worse yet would he be holding a shot gun? Had he already contacted the police?

He wasn't and didn't. I scooped and drove away. I couldn't help but think...that was a really low point in my career.


Sarah Alaoui said...

I'm glad you went back and got a bag, I'd be annoyed by the poop too. good post though : )

T Lynn said...

Thanks for the laugh Layne!