Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last week certainly was one for the books. I stopped at one point during last week and thought...I am so happy. I didn't play much this summer but last week made up for all that.

First - my friend the Wu and I played in front of our very first audience. We played four of the songs that we have written and it was one of the biggest highs I have ever experienced. We sang and performed our little hearts out (as best we could...I was out of breath after the first song...). Our friends packed out a little bar here in the city and it was a night I'll never, ever forget.

To top off the euphoria of playing our first gig - I got to escape to the mountains this last weekend. I haven't escaped all summer and it was heaven to sleep on the hard ground and roast marshmallows. I needed a shower something fierce by that last day...but it was absolutely worth it.

Dear Life,

You are amazing.



B said...

wow that is soo effin amazing! congrats, luv! what kind of music do you play?

i want to be your friend in real life:)

Elise said...

Hi, this is a really cool post - thanks. Great blog too - loads of interesting things here.