Monday, September 21, 2009


My neck of the woods is teeming with wildlife these days. Just two days ago, this little buddy appeared on my back steps.

It's ok. I wasn't scared.

In fact, my first reaction wasn't to jump back inside my door and watch from a safe distance - I ran and got my phone to snap the pictures. While taking pictures, I was patting my leg and making alluring kissy noises to entice the little "foxy foxy" to come closer.

Foxy trotted off, but I'm sure I'll see her again. When I got back up to my apartment, I googled "are foxes dangerous?" Turns out they are just rabid. Some people hand feed them. Of course I'm going to try.

Unfortunately my fearlessness caught up with me later in the day. I was ferociously mauled by a six month old domestic short-hair.


Jamiedidit said...

A. Jealous of foxy, foxy. We are now being overrun with coyote, coyote.
B. I'm alive - just got back from the Vacay with the Todd.
C. Currently buried under a mountain of paperwork.
D. Planning a return to creativity soon.

Teri said...

Jamiedidit- watch out! Jessica Simpson's dog was just taken my a coyote! She then put out "missing dog" posters... come on Jess, shes gone, im sorry, but she is.

Layne- you are a riot, everyone in this coffee shop is looking at me like an idiot for laughing so much!