Saturday, May 2, 2009

Warning. Vent. Cuss. Cuss (Not really).

My mind is a kaleidescope at the moment. The last two and a half hours were bizarre. Recap? Ok, but only because you asked.

I went to the grocery store. Bizarre enough. Gross. I was really into it tonight - thinking that if I knocked it out tonight I wouldn't have to go for another month. Done with my twelve bags of groceries. Loaded up in the back of the truck and zipped home.

The drive was fun and even included truck dancing when "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" played on the radio. Happy as a clam pre-bake, parked in a comfortable spot right outside my apartment. I had the rest of the evening planned: cheese nips, painting project and my Elvis pandora station.

Fast forward one minute - twelve bags of groceries on my arms (I'm a one-trip Trixie - can't HANDLE going back and forth to the truck) when I realize that when I was at my parents earlier today, I had grabbed THEIR keys that has my spare and NOT my house keys on it before I hit the grocery store. Cuss.

Drive back to Ma and Pa's - switch keys, walk out the front door and there is a fluffy white puppy on the doorstep followed by a curly, equally fluffy, little dog. What do you do with two strange dogs at 10:30 at night? You INSIST they stay in your parent's backyard until the morning and construct a "Found" yard sign.

Finally wind up back in my neck of the woods and there was not a normal parking spot to be found - drove about the block twice and settled for across the street parking. Cuss. Whatever. Load up twelve bags of groceries for the second time and loaf up to my apartment.

Get to my door, cat tries to escape. Cat scratches my arm whilst trying to get her out of the way. Try to open my kitchen cabinet - it's stuck shut. Won't open. Cuss. Cuss. Cuuuuuuuussss. Unpack the groceries (as best I could minus one of my cabinets) and grab the new globe for the ceiling fan. Doesn't fit. Cuss.

My conclusion at the end of the evening? It's a man's fault. All of it. I don't even have a specific one to blame - but even so, nameless man of the future, tonight I am MAD at you for not being here. I assume that the evening would have gone as planned if you were here. I'm TIRED of lugging my own groceries, guessing at how big the stupid globe is for the ceiling fan, sticky cabinets, etc., etc., ETC.


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Jamiedidit said...

I'll trade you the dogs for my two stray cats....which were (of course) similarly saved from The Todd's parents' house late one night.

Are you sure you aren't me? Because I am beginning to worry about it.

And - it's not a man's fault. All a man would have done is broken your door and/or window while promising he could open it with a credit card....