Friday, May 8, 2009

Now THIS is Customer Service.

The stylist and I opted for some coffee and...some knitting (nothing says cool like crafting in public) this evening.

We sent our lattes back once because...well...they were sugar free. No - thank you for the kind, subtle suggestion, but no. I'll take the sugar and make it a large. Mmmmk, pumpkin?

ANYWAY. Our dear barista - we'll call him Martha - came out with our round-two coffees, he noticed our knitting endeavor and said, "Whatcha workin' on?" "Uhhh, just nothing," was my reply and the Stylist informed him, "I'm just learning." He observed her casting technique and said, "You know, there is an easier way to do that." He then took the needles out of her hands and showed her a new (way more complicated...we didn't let on that we thought so...but for your information) method. She watched and "mmhmm"ed.

I captured the moment with my phone. I feel as though he served as an example of customer service at it's finest. "Sure, send back the latte you ordered. We'll make you another for free, bring it out to you and, shoot, is that a so-and-so stitch? Here's a better way. Thanks for choosing Starbucks."


Jamiedidit said...

Do I need to say how hot I think it is that a guy knows how to knit? Very.

20 Times A Lady said...

Ahhhh, I am SO excited for you! Beste of luck in your search :) You'll have to keep me posted!