Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Book in the Left Hand and a Rollin Pin in the Right.

Oh the silly things we do when we are young. Third grade young. For grandparents day, we always did some sort of talent show at school. For my special moment, I chose to sing a little number - a ridiculously age-inappropriate Vince Gill song.

I know. Mom, where were you when I was picking out songs? At any rate...the moment lives on in glory, even now. I was on the phone with my aunt in California. Her daughter lives here and whilst said daughter was having her nails done, she overheard a couple women say they were from Garden Valley (the location of my debut). Cousin asked the ladies if they knew of my family. They said "Yes, specifically the little girl (me). She performed in a talent show a long time ago and when she was getting ready to start, she said 'hit it!' We've been waiting for her to pop up on the big screen or something."

Hit it? I said hit it. The best part of that is that I was running the cassett player. Note to self: Self, not cool to say 'hit it' if you're your own maiestro.

At any rate, I need not search any further for fame - it has already come. They're talking about me in nail salons all over Ada and Boise County.

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