Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Darned Paparazzi

If I were ever a celebrity, the slow-for-news press would have a hay day following me around. I'm a giant ball of embarrassing photo ops. I've talked with the Producer about this - she intends to chew funny when she becomes famous, just to give people something to talk about. I feel like some celebrities are just looking to throw the paparazzi a bone. Like LeAnn:

Or (to protect his legacy - I will anono-mize his name) _ono of _2:

While I'm still on this side of the camera, I've decided to practice my own paparazzo skills. Just yesterday, I caught the Diva (Sheddy McShedsAlot) in the most unflattering of angles and am consequently publishing her moment for the world (all three of you ((HIGH FIVE))) to see:

So concerned with her personal hygiene, she paid no matter to vanity. "Doh!"

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