Monday, May 4, 2009

It IS A Broken Road Ain't It, Mama's Boy?

Mama's Boy ruined Rascal Flatts for me for the rest of my days. The same one that kind of ruined the word wife. Brief recap: Ex comes out of the five year old woodwork about a month ago and says, "I think about you a lot - thinkin you're everything I'd want in a wife." Say WHAT? All said over a text message, mind you. We broke up via text message. Come on.

It obviously didn't go anywhere. I'm lookin' for a love that would last even if I lost both my thumbs.

However. The boy bounces back fast. Found himself a new squeeze (/"serious relationship") two weeks later. Hope she has unlimited text messaging.

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Jamiedidit said...

Ew. My ol' table-waiting friend would call him a "MFCSDLA" which I really can't translate on here.

You have seen, right?