Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts on being ADD...and Me and You and Kids and Playing Legos...

I've been meeting in a group on Thursdays to go through the book "unChristian." It is some of the best discussion I have had in a long time. At any rate, something completely unrelated but sort of related popped out at me during the course of tonight's discussion (in the true fashion of attention deficit disorder). In the book, the statician makes a point that Mosaics (teens to twenty somethings) and Busters (late twenty-somethings to thirties) have been exposed to and are totally consumed with all things media and entertainment more so than any generation in the past.

Is it any wonder that every other child is diagnosed with A.D.D. in an age that is totally saturated with so many options for stimulus? I'm not trying to be a dinosaur but I think I'm on to something. Think of the toys that were generated in the fifties and sixties - Etch-a-Sketch, Barbie, Legos. All toys that allotted for sitting in one spot for hours to play with the same toy. You're not on the constant hunt for the other parts, collecting the forty other pieces necessary to enjoy the entire stinking Barbie with one ridiculously hot boyfriend. Twelve Legos that could become literally anything because of a lack of options.

It's called creativity. Long-suffering if you will.

Now we've created an atmosphere to breed things like ADD. We're over stimulated. I'm over stimulated. I can hardly decide which website to visit first or whether I'd like to watch E! channel or Bravo. I suppose the positive side of growing up in a generation like this is maybe growing up with the ability to multi-task?

But really...what is multi-tasking? Isn't it really the art of being easily distracted and still being able to nod at whatever someone is saying to you?

I gotta go.

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