Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want to write children's books. And illustrate them.

I want to write something of value every single day.

I might want to go to college part-time. Or 3/4 time.

I want to buy a desk.

I want to be a responsible pet owner and get Gigi vaccinated regularly.

I want to wake up at six every single morning to read.

I want to organize and re organize every drawer and every cupboard in my house.

If I went to college, I would want to run a study group.

I'm wondering how this college thought runs in with the other plans I have for
my future - plans that weren't concrete anyway and certainly aren't mutually
exclusive to furthing my education.

I want to have mastered the piano already, after one month of lessons.

I want to have at least one meaningful conversation every day - so I can blog about it - thus fulfilling the write some thing of value every day.

I wish organizing all these thoughts were as easy as organizing my drawers. They aren't and this is the order they came out in. A bulletin board of thoughts, I suppose.

I want a giant bulletin board for all these thoughts.

1 comment:

This is My Mixed Tape said...

1. I am game to be your meaningful conversation. 2. You can have my giant bulletin board. I just need to clear it of Dixie Chick paraphernalia. BAM.