Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What WAS Willis Talkin' Bout?

Nanny baby (Little Paycheck, L.P.) is learning to eat on his own. This is a messy process. It totally grosses me out but I'm sure (eventually) he'll learn to get more of it in his mouth verses his shirt, hands, hair and the floor.

Last night a majority of the carrot chunks and chicken nugget bits were on the floor.

Post dinner time - I had no choice but to whip out the vacuum. The kid is scared of the vacuum and sits on the far end of the couch - eyes wide open. I try to get it over with pretty quick...but I thought last night was the night to try and work through some of his issues with ol' Hoover.

I documented the experience via iPhone.

I was gently coaching him to get closer and closer. You know, baby steps. He maintained a high level of suspicion. He also whipped out what I feel like was a pretty accurate impersonation of Gary Coleman. This is not a little person joke. Look at this facial expression.


Layne Street said...
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teamharrison said...

L.P. is an abbreviation for little people too, you know.