Sunday, March 21, 2010

Polar Bear Sunbathing

While looking down at my glowing white legs during church this morning, I felt it was time to take action. I sent a text to the Executioner to see if she was in for a little 'second day of spring' sunbathing - of course she was. Nurse Wonderful was on board as well.

Today is cloudy, windy and mildly unwarm. However. A couple years ago we made clever use of a 54 degree February day and the community hot tub. We'd lounge in the hot tub until we were close to heat stroke and then slather up and lay in the pseudo sunshine.

My phone said temperatures were going to reach 62 today. I figured we would be in the clear. Two words: brrrrrr rrrrrrr. We spent 98 percent of our time in the hot tub. However. I did manage to capture this peacefully crisp moment:

A for effort, I suppose.


fromwithin said...

F for resourcefulness - you probably made those legs whiter. Try tanning beds. Then you'll be in the money!

Native Mom said...

Two words, spray tan! With a side of Vitamin D of course.