Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wide vs. White - The Great Debate.

In the land of co-workers, there is one special co-worker whom I shall refer to as the Hot Mess (the dual meaning of hot - she's gorgeous and she is always too hot and the mess...well...she's very organized but she is a mess: hot mess). Hot Mess told us a story today.

For the longest time Hot Mess was the victim of racism and she didn't even know it. When someone caught H.M. in the act of saying or doing something undeniably "white" (you know - dorky, unrhythmical, cracker'esque) as in, "wow, Hot Mess, your dance skills are pretty white," or just, "wow, Hot Mess, you are SO white," she was under the impression they were saying "wide." Insert "wide" instead of "white" and you have yourself a pretty nice compliment (minus the accidental and unlikely reference to weight - she's NOT wide in that sense) she thought.

All this time she thought her under-cover soul assasins were inferring that she had a broad range of talent or that she was a big person on the inside. Flattered as she was for all that time, she adopted the sentiment she had misconstrued and turned it into her own special blessing.

"That's mighty wide of you." - Hot Mess


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha....wait were we suppose to laugh at that?

mandy said...

That is so funny and so sad all at the same time!