Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keepin' On Keepin' On.

Post # 100! Hooray! I felt like the content of my one hundredth post should be something really special - commemorative and moving. So here it goes:



Thank you.

Let me say of myself that I start more things than I finish so continuing to post here regularly has been something that I've been really proud of - if for nothing else than to practice this thing called communication. Articulation.

Along the lines of my incomplete projects - I've aimed my focus at a variety of different targets over the years. I've disappointed myself and others when I've decided that those targets weren't what I wanted anymore. These types of decisions stack up in the corner of my head and when the winds of change start to blow my dress up - I revisit the stack. The size of my stack makes me feel like a failure.

Now. One side of the coin reads "You suck!" while the other reads "You've tried a lot of things." Life is full of opportunities. Weeding through those opportunities can be really tricky. Do you always make the right decision? Absolutely not. Should you become paralyzed by your stupid decisions? Absolutely not.

Feeling like a failure does not lend itself to much momentum. We've but one lifetime to make an impact upon each other.

Having that said, how much would we let disappointment slow us down if we realized that there might be potential for greatness inside the very next decision (don't make me bust out the pre-presidential Abraham Lincoln biography)?

These have been...Deep Thoughts by Layne Street.

Seriously though - thank you for tuning in for the last couple of months. It makes my heart swell. In a good way.

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Jamiedidit said...

Congratulations! I am always impressed with how often you post. I have to wait - sometimes a long while - until inspiration strikes. This is why I don't write novels.