Monday, June 15, 2009

Freestylin' - Fa Fa Freestylin'. Totally Ra Ra Random.

Alas, I am house sitting. When I am house sitting - it's tough to post because this isn't my computer. As soon as I am back on my home turf - I am going to compose my post re: lessons in assertive behavior. It includes a scene from Dirty Dancing. I tried to start on that post here at the house sitting house but when I was trying to pull up the Dirty Dancing clip I was looking for - it pulled up porn.


Not only did I eat all of the muddy buddies that were left on the counter, I'm probably going to get hauled off to the big house for lewd and lascivious conduct with the YouTube search engine. DANG it.

In the mean time, The Polka Dotted Owl ( tagged me to answer ten random questions about myself. Thank you P.D.O.

1. Had I been born a boy, I'm told I would have been named Tyler.
2. My least favorite thing ever to be called is "flaky."
3. I would really like to own an aqua blue '57 Chevy pick up truck.
4. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe. Look out below.
5. When I listen to Dierks Bentley's fast songs, I drive a lot faster (especially around corners - it makes me feel like a hot outlaw...((now, with the muddy buddy eating and the YouTube porn, I won't need Dierk's help to feel like an outlaw)).
6. I pretend I'm on my phone when I'm walking by the pesky kiosk salespeople in the mall. Especially the really pesky cell phone salesmen.
7. Remember earlier when I mentioned the muddy buddies? I polished off the whole bag. It was a big bag. I almost don't want to have to face them again to get the second half of my paycheck - I'm that embarrassed.
8. If I can't find someone funny to marry - marrying be damned.
9. I have my future kids names saved in my blackberry - hope this thing still works in fourteen years.
10. If the following celebrities ever called and asked me out on a date, I would schedule them in this order: 1. Matthew Perry. 2. George Clooney. 3. Jason Bateman. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is my favorite.


Jamiedidit said...

You realize I must know what kids' names are in the Blackberry, right?

Breakfast: Jason Segel
Lunch: Dennis Quaid
Dinner: Paul Newman, the 1968 version.

Jamiedidit said...

Once again, Georgia and Tatum are two of my faves, except for that I LIVE in Georgia and I think that would be weird and not one, but TWO people I know have used Tatum in the last few years. Total theft.

I'm working on my ten.

mandy said...


Deceptive, but brilliant...

The Executioner said...

if i make muddy buddies will you come over and swim with me?