Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last summer, my friend and her husband sent me on a trip to Florida. I went all by myself, rented a car and had the most amazing time of my life. I looked through pictures from the trip this morning - it was so pretty down there. LUSH green. I hadn't seen the ocean (well that side - ever) since I was a sophomore in high school.

The trip was specifically to go to a tent meeting (church speak for an outdoor church service). Yes. There were tamborines and crazy church ladies. I sat in a corner by myself a LOT. People came from all over the world to be there. The day that I skipped service - I went to Clearwater. The drive itself was enough for me. It looked just like a scene out of Top Gun when Mav's riding his motorbike past the palm trees.
When I got to the beach, I stayed there for at least three hours. I people watched, got a wicked tan and made a sand sculpture or two.

The most incredible sight to behold was the sunset on the water. I sincerely had never seen anything like it.

I would SO love to do the whole thing over again. Everything. From the huge long flight (not a huge fan of flying...) to sleeping in the rental car at the campground.

Even the humidity. This trip was a big deal to me. Today I wish I was there.

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mandy said...

Wait. When did tent meetings have hi-tech lights and screens and such?