Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"It's gonna be alright, Sugar."

Well, Optimism - we meet again. You with your ridiculous ideas!

Sometimes, Optimism, you really get on my nerves. You take me sailing into the wild blue yonder and, while it's a great view, sometimes the landing really hurts.

You are generally my theme song. I'm a pretty big advocate of your silver lining theory. The truth is that sometimes you get in the way of the big picture. You seem to always swoop in and distract from the matter at hand. I think you might be my enabler.

I think you aren't really sure when enough is enough. Even in the most grim of situations, you are always advertising a glittering and impossibly good outcome. I think you're delusional, unfair and annoying.


As frustrated as I am with your approach, I am pretty thankful that you are there. When I don't have any courage, I generally depend on you. You're no replacement for the truth, that's for certain. At the same time, you nudge me to expect the best out of the truth.

I guess we're on good terms. I'm sorry I called you annoying.

Can we at least pack a parachute next time? Thanks!

Until next time, Optimism.

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