Saturday, March 7, 2009

"B 14, B 1 - 4 ... I said BEEEEE FOURRRRTEEEEEN."

I'm about to tell you how serious senior citizens take the game of Bingo - especially when $4 a game is at stake.

Today was my very first Bingo calling experience. When I signed up for this adventure, I didn't know there was money on the line, a specific manner in which you call the numbers, a certain pace to keep (not too fast, not too slow), and a million different patterns to win a Bingo with for Heaven's sake.

Betsy Bingo in the back corner had an ATTITUDE and had a difficult time controlling her volume. I'm assuming that, with hearing loss, you are no longer able to tell if you are whispering or not. She'd lean in to her friends, Barb, Bonnie and Bettina Bingo and say things like, "It wouldn't hurt her to call those numbers a little slower" or, "She says her 'O's funny." She thought I was a mind reader when I said, "You guys let me know if you need me to slow down a little bit." I also purposefully stretched my O's out a bit longer for the rest of the afternoon - she'd nudge Bonnie everytime I called one.

The joke's on you, Betsy Bingo. We can take this outside if you'd like.


Jamiedidit said...

Be careful! I'd hate to lose you to a bingo-related murder!

mandy said...

I'm askeered.

Anonymous said...

That is soo funny!! Oh my gawwd, I had to email that to everyone I knew. Thanks for the laugh!