Saturday, January 2, 2010

Turn Me On

Oh, Today - you afforded me a lot of laughs.

Whilst on a record hunting date (McWHYBAML bought me the coolest vintage record player for Christmas), I spotted an album cover that caught my eye. There were at least one hundred guys and girls conservatively dressed and posed at the front of a church sanctuary. A giant cross hung in the background.

Those conservatively dressed songbirds were a part of a church choir and the album was a recording of about ten praise hymns. I definitely would have passed this record by (I know - in a handbasket) were it not for the title: "Turn Me On."

To say it took me by surprise would be an understatement. I giggled and showed it to McWHYBAML who also laughed.We thought this was certainly the work of a disgruntled album cover designer. Surely no church group would consent to such a sexy title.

How much does curiosity cost? A nickel. The title track from "Turn Me On" is just a step up from the classic "This Little Light of Mine." I should have known! Still worth all five pennies I paid for it.

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