Monday, February 2, 2009

Thump this.

I'm about to post the most boring blog you will ever read in your life. HOWEVER - were you me and had you purchased a brand new NLT Life Application Study Bible - you would blog about it too.

I've been reading out of a Greek/Hebrew study bible for the last couple years (five to be exact) and I was ready for something different. So...Saturday rolls around, I'm out with the Wu. We hit up Barnes and Noble and low and behold - a personal leather...New Living Translation (which is new for me - and I'm pretty pumped, there are exclamation points in there...!) study bible complete with commentary, character profiles and maps.

Nothing spices up your bible reading like a new bible.

"Cool story, bible thumper!"

Also, my cat, THE DIVA, was in her very first commercial - and with prime billing during the Superbowl...

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