Friday, February 6, 2009

I did it again.

It's my birthday month and I'm spending money like I have it - I need to have my hand slapped or have a visit from my favorite Dave Ramsey enthusiast.

The thing is - I had a mystery credit on for $21.73.

And I have located something I knew I had to have since the moment I knew it existed. And it was only $26.57 - combined with the fact that I miraculously qualified for super saver shipping...$4.84.


The second bible I have purchased this month...but LOOK at it. It is a journaling bible - basically a Moleskine notebook and a bible mixed together. The only conflict I am running into is which one to use? I cannot wait for this thing to get here.

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Jamiedidit said...

Ooooh! I recently got a new women's bible, which is fabulous except for the cheesy cover. It has a cup of tea printed on it. I wish people would think of somehing else to put on womens stuff. I don't usually sit around, grab some Earl Grey to sip while I read my devotion. Maybe if I were British...