Thursday, February 19, 2009

This little light of mine.

I was at Mom and Dad's place a couple weeks ago. She was messing around in the kitchen and I was knitting by a lamp in the family room. She threw something in the microwave and when she turned it on, my lamp went dim, the overhead light blinked and the television screen went fuzzy - it was one maxxed out little circuit.

About a month ago before our church service started, I was talking to a friend about why I am not working with the kids anymore. I told him, "I just need to unplug some things for a while." I'd realized that I was plugged into more than my share of opportunities and while I was making everything work, I was growing pretty dim.

I've stepped back from a few things over the last couple months. I'm beginning to think that it is much better to sincerely, lavishly and unreservedly enjoy doing maybe only one thing rather than half-heartedly participate in a few different things. My outlook has gotten brighter. It makes sense. An overwhelmed circuit barely has enough juice to run a lamp, let alone a television and a microwave. Start unplugging something once in a while and things will operate as they should. It's called being energy efficient.


Anonymous said...

thanks for following.
Love th blog, very retro..I love it!!!

The Executioner said...

layne's going green. nice.

Jamiedidit said...

Gah! If you only KNEW how badly I needed to hear that. God works in mysterious ways.

tifanie said...

less is more. nice post. i can definitely relate. lovely photo too.