Monday, April 11, 2011

Open Mic Night

Tomorrow night begins a new musical adventure. My pal and I are starting an open mic night at a local sports bar.

I'm concerned for a few reasons:

1. Are sports bar customers really going to be interested in the acoustic music we have to offer? I'm having flashbacks of accidentally walking in front of the television during Monday Night Football when I was a little girl. It was never a good idea...and I wasn't even making noise then.

2. The place we're gearing up to play at is called (screw anonymity) 'The Nuthouse.' [Insert wincing emoticon here]. I've never been to this venue and I'm not entirely sure it's not a strip club for ladies (think Thunder Down Under...only much less toned).

3. I only know three songs on the guitar.

I'm pretty sure free drinks are apart of my contract and I'm sure everyone else will be drinking so that will act as a little buffer between the discriminating ears of the Nuthouse patrons and my less than prepared self.

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