Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chick vs. Rabbit

An attorney friend bought me a wind-up Easter bunny and bought a chick for herself and we pitted them against each other in an epic battle for supremacy.

My bunny went all Thelma and Louise. Children, please look away.



Last night my little band (it's not the 'Layne' band...just the band I sing for) played a corporate party. It was an awards ceremony for the employees - one where every employee gets an award. It was like the Dundees...some of the 'achievements' were equally as...made up?

After all the awards were handed out, we played, played, played and they danced, danced, danced. The highlight of the evening (aside from the meal...) was the fifty-something lady in a fancy dress singing along to Cee-Lo's 'F [insert Forget] K You.' Girl knew every word.

That's all. Hope you're having a hoppy day. : /

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libbeh said...

They look cute!! My dogs would freak out if I bought windup toys home. I want to get them one! Maybe one of those barking toy dogs that jump!! >:-D