Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everything is better with karaoke.

Well. I was wrong about a couple things.

1. The Nut House? Just a real live sports bar full of really nice people and fully dressed men. There was a lady there with uncommonly short shorts, but aside from that...no nudity.

2. I only know two songs on the guitar.

When open mic'ing winds down, there might be someone in the crowd who owns a laptop, a hard drive with thousands and thousands of karaoke songs. When we ran out of songs to play, we just started k.j.'ing for four or five people that wanted a chance to shine. And let me tell you - there were some stars out tonight, for sure.  I was uber impressed.

The night went from high pressure to easy as pie in a few minutes. People love karaoke and loved us by proxy.

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