Monday, February 7, 2011

Speaking of making it big...

I got a random act of kindness present last fall from Curly. It was this little Oriental Hyacinth bulb. It comes with a vase and a bulb and instructions. It serves as decor (eventually) and a lesson in patience. You have to store the bulb in a cold dark place (the fridge) for about three months and then you can bring it into the light.

Here's what you have after the first three months:

I know. After three months? An onion with an over-sized shoot of asparagus sprouting from the top?

I sent McW a picture of it and he promptly renamed the little plant the 'phallus lonelywomanus.'

He's funny.

But alas. Just three days after shooting that photo - this is what greeted me this morning:

It's not done growing and blooming, but that's pretty good progress.

The progress looks a little like cauliflower but still. Progress.

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