Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Crazy About Your Farmer's Tan, Sugar.

Well. I went from this last night... this tonight.

And that's ok. Were it not for this little fella - I wouldn't have been able to go lose my mind at the Kenny concert.

All three acts were so sweet. Opener for the opener, Lady Antebellum, is one of my current favorites. Love their album, you should most definitely pick it up. The lead guitarist is Katherine Heigl's (Izzy for all you Grey's Anatomy fans) brother-in-law. Do NOT think I didn't think about tracking him down after the show to ask if he knew whether or not Izzy was gonna pull through next season.

Miranda Lambert was ridiculous. She is SO feisty and full of it and I love her music. This is round two watching her live and I enjoyed it very much.

Kenny. Kenny played for two hours. Kenny has a lot of good songs - songs that you forget belong to him. He had a smile on his face the whole time, was covered in sweat and sang his heart out. One of my most favorite moments was during "Back Where I Come From." Right there on the big screen behind he and the band were pictures of our city. Both Curly and I got choked up.

It was. AH-mazing.


Jamiedidit said...

A. Ugh. I would have asked that guy if he could have just gone on and made sure Izzy was off the show. I'm sick of her.

B. I think Miranda Lambert is suck a fun little kicky name. It just rolls. Miraaannnnda Laaaaammmbert.

Jamiedidit said...

No way, girl. I have been irritated with KH since she got too big for her britches. She really needs to check into the career path David Caruso went through, yanno?

Michelle & Jesse said...

The concert was fantastic! I loved the part where they showed Boise photos too and when he put on the Boise State hat :) Whooo hooo!