Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well kids - it's been a busy life out here on Layne Street. Interesting? No. Busy - yes. And that's ok for now. One day I'm going to go on vacation instead of holding down the fort! Until then - here I am and this is where I'm at.

I ask for advice because I either want support or direction. There is much to be gained from wise counsel. However, sometimes I treat that advice as though it was the gospel.

The problem? Everyone's advice come from different places. It comes from life experience, deductive reasoning, emotion, etc. Everyone's life experiences, reasoning and emotions are different - maybe similar, but different. When advice is offered and not received with the question, "does this ring true with me" - you can allow it to become gospel. Sometimes this is good because sometimes we get in the way of our own growth and we need a voice of reason.


Sometimes - you just need to let the gospel be the gospel. Continue to ask friends and elders for their advice. Listen well, don't just hear. Think it over -but don't just accept it as fact.

I'm not a proponet of being skeptical - I'm just a push over that is learning that my road is not anyone elses' to travel.

That is all.

"Layne, this isn't very funny."

"I know."

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Teri said...

i would love to give you advice right now... however, figure your own road out! find your own maps, and guess what you will own your road and tell others *this turned out to be advice... oops*