Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fine, fresh, fierce...

...I got it on lock.

I've been singing a lot of top 40 songs lately...hence the Katy Perry lyrics that are stuck in my head all the time.

This is the first post of the new year, which is disappointing to me because it's the 19th of the month. I didn't even participate in the obligatory 'new years resolution' post. Oh, I thought about it. Just didn't pull the trigger.

During the last service of the year at my church, the guest speaker discussed the concept of the new year's resolution. He made the point that a date on a calendar isn't motivation enough sometimes. We can all relate to that.

However, there is something about a fresh calendar, January 1st, that is pretty thought provoking to me. I go into re-organize and re-evaluate mode. The year is new and sparkly to me right about now - I don't want to smudge it up with my un-organized dullness.

Given my track record, I will end up doing something that I consider "smudgy" and it will mess with my new year's momentum. Still, I really enjoy evaluating and re- organizing some parts of my life. So what if it's only once a year? : /

Some of the areas I've been looking at are pretty basic, tangible changes. My closet, for example. Re-organized and much nicer to look at in the morning. My iPhone and iPad apps (this just means that all my game apps are on the same page...still, I feel it counts).

Other areas are still tangible but a little more of a process. I'm excited to buy that bike I talked about a long time ago. McW has started running again and it has me thinking about the way I take care of myself and the things that I enjoy doing that would keep me (get me) in shape. I love my town and my specific location - I could bicycle anywhere in 15 minutes or less. So, step one? Buy killer bicycle. Step two? Ride the hell out of it. Step three? Bikini model with the lung capacity of an opera singing triathlete.

Then there's the money thing. Money management is always something I think about at this time of the year. This is the area that always gets "smudgy" first. So instead of budgeting every single penny, I'm going to try to give more. Hopefully that will come easier and help me re-evaluate my priorities.

So I suppose this is the obligatory new years post. It will serve as some accountability for me and it should kill at least 4 to 5 minutes of your downtime at work (wink wink, ladies).

Happy 2011!

West coast represent.

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