Thursday, November 18, 2010

We ruv'a a karaoke!

McW, our friends and I LOVE to karaoke. There are plenty of spots around town that we hit up on a pretty regular basis. We have met some seriously awesome people making our rounds on our karaoke tour.
One of the most memorable karaoke outings we've had was a couple months ago at our favorite dive. We walk in and spot a table full of soul sistas and bruthas (as McW would preface - this is not racist, it is just a fact) who, you HAVE to know, can sing the hell out of any song. I was intimidated. McW? Not so much. He picks out his favorite Smokey Robinson tune and begins. There was no need for him to be intimidated because within the first two measures of the song, one of the bruthas was on the floor bowing before him.

What happened next was too precious not to catch on video...

That's right. Back up dancing.

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