Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm a Mess.

And I like it.

Let's start with my truck: In the back of my truck there is a half empty case of bottled water, lots of sand, my old chucks that are covered in sand, my pink hoody, my fishing pole, and the washers game board. There is also (this is a little gross) trout blood on my tailgate.

In the cab of my truck there are random groceries, sunflower seeds, sunflower seed shells, sheets of music and a couple towels.

My apartment is dusty. My sink is full of glasses and cereal bowls. There are tufts of the feline's fur floating in every corner. I did laundry last week and there is already a full basket waiting to be done.

Let's not talk about my bank account.

The point of my full disclosure? All of these little messes have a story or because of a story - little adventures. Summer finally arrived and I can't find a reason (or am in complete denial regarding the reason) to not enjoy it on a daily basis. I'm tired, sun burnt and poor. Still - not good enough reasons.

I hope you've made plans to have as much fun as humanly possible this summer.

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