Friday, May 21, 2010

REPOST: Miss Independent - UPDATE

UPDATE: Since posting this last summer, 50% of my personal ad dreams have come true. I will say it's closer to 75% since I rarely ever go to the store...maybe even 100% because I don't even own the yard to grow the tree in to build a treehouse.

Life is good. Why? Because if he can change his own tire...

...he can change mine.


I consider myself pretty independent. I learned last night, however, that the depth of a person's independence is equal to the depth of their knowledge.

I don't know how to change a tire.

Independence flies out the window when it's 10:15 at night and you've got a flat. I called my dad immediately and within twenty minutes, my own personal Triple A arrived.

I made an attempt at preparing the way by removing the jack from the compartment and putting it in the proper position. I also removed the plastic wheel cover as instructed by the laminated diagram that was also in the jack compartment. I tried to loosen the lugnuts but there was no give.

From the time he arrived until the time the spare was secured in place, it seemed like only five minutes had passed. Had I tried to be tire-savvy and replace it myself, the Lord himself probably would have had time to come back and fix it. Thanks, Dad.

Independent schmindependent. The second draft of my personal ad should now read, "SWF seeks SWM to build treehouse, carry in groceries (when SWF goes grocery shopping), and be on hand to change a flat (so my dad doesn't have to)."

Oh, also, "Make out a little."

That is all.

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