Monday, April 12, 2010

Jesus Pageant

T.G.I.M. I've never said this in my life. After this weekend, it's a totally appropriate sentiment.

My friend, The Executioner, and I were asked to lead worship at a girl's conference last weekend. Little did we know, it was a girl's pageant. That's right. Dresses, tiaras and satin capes pageant - for Jesus. There were bright spots during the weekend - but I still shudder a little when I think of some of the things I heard and saw.

I thought to myself (and out loud to some close confidants) this really beneficial? What are we teaching these girls? Does the Lord look at something like this and say, "I'm really glad this is how they are spending their weekend! You - a little more Vaseline on those teeth! You - your sash is crooked!" Granted, right now he is probably saying to me, "You - quit being so critical ... and I've got a few things you should straighten out, too."

Touche', the Lord, touche'.

Still. I had a pretty negative reaction to what went on this weekend and I'm still trying to process it. I believe down deep (real deep) that someone probably started this program with good intentions. Teaching girls about the confidence that comes from knowing that God has a plan for their lives is right on. Teaching girls that the reward for learning about that plan is a tiara and a title? Pretty left of center, in my opinion.

Rant. Over.

The Executioner and I did manage to take these photos before our last run at the talent portion of the pageant. Enjoy.

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