Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silent Protest

This is McWHYBAML's feline. He's a handsome boy and looks a lot like mine. What's funny about this photo is what is going on this side of the camera. McW was going to town on his guitar as I listened. That's not funny. It was nice. But.

McWHYBAML is convinced that this little guy is opposed to his guitar playing. McW says he runs away like he does when the vacuum is going. He didn't run away this go around - he just sat with his back to us. Silently - ears back in protest to the music making.


Teri said...

the cropping of this photo reminds me of all the pictures of The Stylist when she was of the ages of 0-5. Hello 1984!

Teri said...

also- thats a pretty good blog update.