Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'd rather be a Leopard. Or even a Giraffe.

In my sophomore English class, we took the "Which animal best represents your personality" test. Everyone is always hopeful walking into personality tests. Inside we hope that the test results affirm what we've always thought about ourselves - we're the best things since sliced bread. We're the warmest, kindest, smartest, prettiest, funniest people on the planet.

Sometimes personality test results are either one way or the other - you are either this or you're that. When taking the personality test required to be hired for a local Christian bookstore - you are either a green light (available for hire) or a red light (probably not even a Christian - certainly not a candidate for hire). I was pretty Christian-y at the time...or so I thought. I failed my personality test. Red light.

The animal test didn't go well either.

Magpie. The test said my personality paralleled personality traits commonly exhibited by magpies.

People hate magpies.

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