Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cats and Karaoke...maybe Gambling?

The lives of McW's feline and mine have intersected and I plan to post a much more in depth synopsis of their progress. However, I don't plan on doing it until there is a happy ending. At present, they are definitely still trying to figure out why the hell they are stuck in the same studio apartment together.

We did catch a rare and musical moment on camera the other night. Here it is:

It's possible that we are the only ones that think this is funny - but I'm sharing it with you on the off chance you find a little humor in it as well.

We left the little fur balls alone together last night when we went to a dinner party with some great friends. This was my kind of dinner party:

1. Bowl of Cheetos on the counter.
2. Plenty of wine.
3. Two huge helpings of lasagna.
4. Brownies. Brownies made with crushed up pieces of Thin Mints. Yeah.

Post over-eating, we hit the town for a little karaoke. We walked into one of our favorite watering holes to find it totally packed. Still, we each made our song selections and handed them in. An hour and a half later, McW finally got to sing one of his favorites.

Then I tried one that I haven't sang for karaoke before: Mr. Big - The Next to Be With You. I've got the hair for it. Turns out that people like to sing along with that one. Singing along just makes you feel good. When you look out at a room full of people singing the song you're singing, you're all friends. So. I'm adding Mr. Big to the karaoke arsenal.

Also included in the arsenal:

Natural Woman - Aretha
Gold Digger - Kanye (including the sexy backup dancing courtesy of McW)

Lastly - we're considering a trip over state lines this Sunday. What lies over state lines? Gambling. The hope of multiplying what we're going down there with.

Here's hoping!

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