Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is It Crooked or Cricked?

Alright. So Mom and Judy have both asked me if I am catching another cold because I sound so congested. I sound congested a lot - like a muppet most days.

Self diagnosis/Google diagnosis? I have a deviated septum. This is how I know. Take a look.

The slight 'deviation' of the septum causes the bottom cartilage to stray a little left (or right) of center. One nostril is also larger than the other.

The fix? Surgery. If you don't mind watching someone chisel off seven to ten chunks of bone inside someone's nasal passage - have a look at this septoplasty.

That's the con. The chisel. The pros?

Google (again with the Google!) advertises a compelling before/after arrangement.



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Teri said...

So. I've been checking www.laynestreet.blogspot.com for, oh over a month now, waiting in anticipation for the next update as they cause me to laugh a ton. I have to admit I was getting a little disappointed as the "next time on laynestreet" was taking forever. This weekend(or weekbegining) update was, however worth the wait. Probably not worth twice the wait however. Thank you you're a gem, and well I have a deep deep passion/stalker/obsession/desiretobe Jennifer Anniston. GO GET IT!